Ecco le domande che saranno rivolte all'astronauta Nicole Stott


Di seguito le domande in Inglese che saranno rivolte all'astronauta americana nonchè ingegnere di volo Nicole Stott. Colgo l'occasione per segnalare il link dove potrete seguire in streaming video la diretta del collegamento a partire dalle ore 14:00 UTC del 2 Ottobre 2009.


Secondario o Backup  (seguire la sezione LIVE) 

1. LINDA: What do you feel when you are in space?

2. DANIELE: Is this your first time in space? If not, were you scared the first time?

3. AURORA: What is the temperature outside the ISS?

4. MATTIA: What can you see from the ISS?

5. CARLO: Why did you decide to become an astronaut?

6. VICTORIA: Is it more difficult to work in Space than on Earth?

7. MATTIA: Have you got a clock in your spacecraft?

8. ELOISA: What do you usually do in your free time?

9. EMANUELE: Is the team spirit important for a successful space enterprise?

10. ROXHER: What kind of experiments are you carrying out on board the ISS?

11. EDOARDO: What do you learn from your space experience?

12. SERENA: Do you miss your family and friends?

13. MACARENA: What did you study to become an astronaut?

14. NICOLE: What do you feel before and during take-off?

15. ELENA: What and how often do you eat or drink on board?

16. CLARA: Can you sleep well in the spaceship?

17. GIANLUCA: Has anybody ever hurt himself in the spaceship?

18. MARCO: What’s the life like without gravity?

19. LUCA: How do the stars appear outside the atmosphere?

20. ALESSIA: Do you need a particular type of clothes on board?

21. ANGELICA: How many hours a day do you work?

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