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INFO DX C21TI Nauru Island


C21TI   Nauru Island

attivo dal 17 agosto dalle 18.00 UTC


buoni DX


4:38:35 PM
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Nauru is a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean, located just south of the equator, to the northeast of New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Nauru is only 21 square kilometers (8.1 square miles) in size, making it one of the smallest nations in the world. As an island country, Nauru has no land borders with other countries. It is roughly circular in shape and has about 30 kilometers (18 miles) of coastline. Comparatively, Nauru is about one-tenth the size of Washington, D.C. Nauru has no cities and its population lives in small settlements along the coast.


Nauru's population was estimated at 11,845 in July 2000. About 58 percent of the total consists of indigenous Nauruans, a Pacific people of mixed Melanesian, Micronesian, and Polynesian ancestry. About 26 percent of the population consists of other Pacific peoples (mainly from the neighboring island countries of Kiribati and Tuvalu). Nauru's smaller minority populations are 8 percent Chinese and 8 percent European. The population growth rate was 2.4 percent in 1998. Nauru has no official population policy.

About 80 percent of Nauru's territory consists of land that has been mined for phosphate. This land is not inhabited and is not suitable for agriculture. Nauru's people live entirely in the fertile coastal areas, especially along the southwest coast.
Nauru's population is very young. About 41 percent of the total population is under the age of 15, while about 57 percent are between the ages of 15 and 64. Only about 2 percent of the population is above the age of 65.

*Bibliography Encyclopedia of Nations


NEWS 15th august 2009

Dani is now flying to Nauru and expects to come on 17th August at 04:45 AM local time (16:45 UTC). After having done inmigration and customs clearance, he will directly go to the OD-N Aiwo Hotel, previous location of past dxpeditions. He expects to be on the air at 8:00 AM in Nauru (18 UTC).Dani is finally going alone and, even if he expects to meet C21RK in Nauru, he asks for patience specially in CW where he is not an expert. Good luck! 73's.

Dani esta ya volando hacia Nauru y llegara el dia 17 de Agosto a las 04:45 AM hora local en Nauru (16:45 UTC). Tras los tramites de inmigracion y aduana ira directamente al hotel OD-N Aiwo Hotel, lugar donde ya instalaron antenas previos expedicionarios. Se estima que sobre las 8 AM de Nauru (18 UTC) pueda estar en el aire. Dani va finalmente solo y, aunque espera encontrar C21RK, pide paciencia sobre todo en CW donde no es un experto. Suerte a tod@s. 73's!

Many thanks to all the people that had sent the donations and specially to Spiderbeam antennas for sending a fiber glass pole for this dxpedition

Muchas gracias a todos los que ya enviaron sus donativos y en especial Spiderbeam por el envío de un mástil telescópico de fibra esponsorizando así nuestra dx.

NEWS 26th june 2009

Dani has announced that the dxpedition will take part from 16th to 24th August. Equipment is being shipped and logistics preparation is on going. The flight ticket has already been purchased.

Dani nos anuncia via email que los equipos están siendo preparados y preparando la logística, la actividad será desde el 16 al 24 de agosto. El billete aéreo ya ha sido comprado.

NEWS 15th june 2009

The dxpedition has been postponed again, (but not cancelled!). Dani (EA4ATI) is in Pakistan supporting in the  humanitarian response to the internally displaced persons. New dates will be announced soon. Thanks for your understanding

La Dx ha sido pospuesta momentaneamente, no cancelada, Dani esta ahora trabajando en Pakistan apoyando en la respuesta humanitaria a los desplazados por el conflicto (hay mas de 2 millones). En poco tiempo anunciaremos nuevas fechas. Sentimos las molestias ocasionadas.




Pubblicato Lunedi 17 Agosto 2009 - 16:38 (letto 3139 volte)
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